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Terms and Conditions


1. The client upon signature hereof warrants that all information furnished above is accurate and true and consents to LABOUREX using such information to communicate with the client for any purposes relating to this agreement. In the case of a fax number or email address being used, service of any documents sent to these addresses/numbers shall be deemed as having being served upon a fax report indicating same or as a ‘sent item’ in the record of the email client. In the event of the client’s information above changing, the onus is on the client to inform LABOUREX in writing, within thirty (30) days of such change.
2. The subscription fee is the agreed fee paid to LABOUREX each month, by debit order, in order to renew membership month by month, which MAY increase up to 10% per annum notwithstanding the provisions of clause 6.
3. The period of membership commences immediately after the first successful debit of clients account.
4. All services tendered by LABOUREX, will only be tendered during business hours being Mon – Fri; 8h00 – 17h00.
5. The services that LABOUREX offers in terms of this agreement are the folllowing:
5.1.1 Telephonic advice on any issues falling within the ambit of Labour Relations Law having a nexus between the advice sought and your job.
5.1.2 Email support which consists of advice as mentioned afore, via email (inclusing the exchange and perusal of documents)
5.1.3 LABOUREX will assume the office of your legal advisor and will be responsible for liaisons between you, LABOUREX, and any third party)
5.1.4 Membership to a Whatsapp Group officiated by LABOUREX
5. A client will be deemed a non-client from the first day of any month in which the client fails to pay the subscription fee before the last day of that month. The client shall bear the onus to ensure and prove that the subscription fee has been paid to LABOUREX.
6. Should a client elect no longer to remain a member of LABOUREX and hence to cancel, such cancellation shall only be effective on three (3) months written notice to LABOUREX. The client will be liable for the full fees in terms of this agreement within this period of three months or, remainder of the 12 month period
7. On 30 (thirty) days notice by ordinary mail posted to the clients domicile or email address or fax number (in terms of paragraph 1.), we may increase the subscription fee, change any terms and conditions of future monthly membership renewals from time to time or give notice that we do not intend to renew membership for any reason in our own discretion.
8. We do not refund subscription fees for any reason whatsoever. Further, should client be in breach of this agreement, we reserve the right to 8.1 Claim payment of any money outstanding and suspend the rendering of our services until payment is brought up to date. 8.2 Retain all documentation of client in possession of LABOUREX relating to any matter dealt with by LABOUREX, on behalf of the client, until all payments have been received in full, including any claims for damages (if any).
9. If a monthly subscription is not paid to LABOUREX and LABOUREX receives a tender of a subscription fee after the last day of that month, LABOUREX will treat this as a new application for membership and a joining fee of R 1500 will become payable.
14. For the purposes of this agreement, including the giving of notice required or permitted herein and in any proceedings which may be instituted by virtue hereof, the client elects the physical address stipulated in the clients information form to be his/her/its domicilium citandi et exutandi. In the event of the clients domicilium address changing, the onus is on the client to inform LABOUREX in writing, within thirty (30) days of such change.
15. The proprietors or employees of LABOUREX will not be personally liable for any loss or damages suffered by any person as a result of an act or omission performed in good faith by any of the proprietors/attorneys/advocates or its employees, subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act. Any client of LABOUREX waives all claims against LABOUREX arising from the use of its services, subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act..
16. In the event of the client being a juristic person, any natural person, hereby warrants his/her authority to sign this agreement.
17. I / we hereby make application for access to the services of LABOUREX and confirm, on signature hereof, having read and understood the terms and conditions related to such services, hereto attached. I/We, further, truly affirm that the contents of this application are true and correct.

Please sign below using your mouse cursor (desktops and notebooks) or finger (smartphone/tablet).

I, the abovementioned hereby confirm having read, understood and hereby agree to all the terms and conditions that have been prescribed by Labourex to regulate our relationship henceforth. My signature below confirms this agreement.